Sis Timberg, Berlin 2018 English yoga

I'm Sis. I was Born and raised in Israel, and since 2013 I live in Berlin & teach yoga since 2016.
Coming from a dance background, the yoga path was a natural one for me. The practice is for me an exploration of the physical body, while integrating my soul into it. This helps me release locked energy and ease the mind in the bustling city. Working a lot in the startups environment I have a lot of experience with topics like stress, burn-out and bad posture. I've seen how yoga helps maintaining a healthy mind and body. Yoga is now an integral part of my life. Next to teaching I am an active digital marketer and a mother. 

I would like to express a special thanks to my ever first teacher Sonja Rosa Rössler from Vienna, who inspired me endlessly. 


2016 200h vinyasa yoga at Spirit Yoga Berlin with Patricia Thieleman
2017 Pre & Post Natal yoga teacher training, Spirit Yoga